HEMA Tompouce Face mask is awesome

The tompouce, which apparently in English is called Cream Slice, is one of the favorite cake-kinda sweet things at HEMA, one of the Dutchiest Dutch shops of all time. It is very cute how much HEMA loves its tompouces, especially cause no one really likes them. They look adorable, with their bakers cream in the middle, puff pastry on both sides and then a beautiful layer of sugery pink icing at the top. No one has any idea of how to eat them, but they look adorable and they are pretty cheap.


Though I only like to eat the top part, as I feel bakery cream is not my thing and it is a lot of calories, I was very interested to see there is a tompouce face mask available at HEMA. The best part is that it is a peel off mask, so there is even some playtime with it, haha. So I bought it, and it is freaking great. It starts with the packaging: the amazing yellow/pink tompouce colors, the roundness, it looks adorable and it is a great little gift for a friend or something.


So I was hoping the mask would be like the icing, so non-see through, but it is more like jam or jello. It smells very much like raspberry, just like the tompouce, though I thought there was some strawberry involved with tompouces too, but apparently I was wrong. Anyway, you put a nice thick but not too thick layer on your clean face, and then you wait for about 20 minutes. After a few minutes you will notice that your skin starts to pull, and that is good, cause that means the mask is going into its peel off state. The difficult parts are always the cheeks, as it is very easy to put too much of it on your cheeks and then it just does not get thin enough to be peeled off and it will stay soft then, and you don’t want that.


Parts that stay soft cannot be peeled off, and are a drag to take off your face. It is not a good look, haha. No it is not that bad, but it takes a lot of rubbing, soap and a towel to really take it off. But if you do it right, that is all not necessary, cause you would be able to just peel it off like plastic! Haha, it is so cool, and freaky and creepy! I am not even sure if I should write about it, let alone put a photo of it online, but it is just so much fun. You just grab one of the sides and you start pulling, and then it will just come off your face like a mask, as if you were just acting as someone else, hihi. I had no idea this cream slice mask would work so well!


And the promise on the packaging is that it would make your skin feel clean and soft and it actually does. So I am caressing my own face the whole time now! No just kidding, but I do like the clean and fresh feel, especially with the amount of make up I usually put on my skin it is nice to let it breathe as often as possible. 😉 I have tried a lot of peel off masks before, but this one is definitely one of the best I have had. And it is nice and cheap too, which is great! Again, very nice as a gift, I would highly recommend it.

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