Amsterdam hotspot: Everything on a Stick

My parents used to take us out to dinner a lot, like once every two weeks at least. I was never a big fan of it, except for the dessert, but I did not really like how the meat is always the main part of the meal. I still don’t, especially since I become a full on veggie a few months ago. So I like to go to restaurants that offer at least one real dish for a vegetarian, instead of whatever leftovers they had.

Everything on a Stick is definitely a restaurant that understands that. I do not just love their awesome vegetarian dishes like tofu (amaaazing!), I love the concept: everything is on a stick! I live for weird themed restaurants and stuff, I still really want to go to that western dinner thingie in Disneyland Paris.

So everything is on a stick, and sometimes it means they just put a stick in it, but sometimes they amend the dish so it really is a stick-kinda dish. For example the jacket potato is not really a ” on a stick”  kinda dish, but the caprese salad is amazing on a stick of course. The best thing though, is that the food is actually amazing.

I would definitely recommend Everything on a Stick anytime, it is a great place in the center of Amsterdam, very easy to reach, very nice building, and it is simply lovely, and pretty quick, in case you are going to a concert like I did when I went here last time. 🙂

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