Plants can make a huge difference

Even though I love nature, I never had a lot of plants in my house. Mainly this was because I have three cats, and plants can be very poisonous to them, plus my cats are assholes so they would totally eat them and shred them and make a mess. Now that my house is going to be more me though, I have decided to put some bigger palm tree like plants in the house, as they are non-poisonous to my kittehs and because I like tree-like plants cause they are big and beautiful and they feel tropical, which fits my pineapple-stuff (that I am trying to get more of in my house hihi).

Unfortunately in Holland places to buy plants are not easy to reach by public transport, plus it is not easy to take a whole lotta plants with you on a bus, so I took my mom to the garden center so she could advise me, and so we could take the plants home. And because it is lovely to do stuff like this with your mom. Someone told me it is difficult to enjoy and appreciate something in the moment, but this evening I was very aware that these are things that women like to do together, and more specifically moms and daughters, and I know that some people’s moms live very far away, or they are even gone, and it is a horrible to think about that.

Anyway, my mom is freaking awesome, whenever, also when she does not buy plants with me, but she is just at home, she is always the world’s greatest. And she does know a lot about plants. It’s odd how other generations have so much knowledge about plants, while I am happy I know what an orchid is, and that is about it. So we bought a lot of green plants, palm trees, ferns and stuff, and they are all cat friendly (well, except for the cats eating them and jumping on them, I’m afraid 😉 ) but I really like how different it makes the room look.

Thanks to the plants my living room is finally getting a bit more girlie, which is awesome, and until thus far most plants are okay, the cats only ate a few smaller ones (weirdos!). What do you think?


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