Review – Etos Kids badbruisbal

I went in my bath tub again, and I never do that alone! I always take my cat, but he does not like it! 😉 Haha, sorry I am being very unfunny. I always take a bath bomb of some kind, and this time I wanted to try my Etos Kids badbruisbal, which is a bath bomb with a little surprise in it!

The smell is pretty bland unfortunately. I think it is supposed to be peach, but it is not strong enough to really have the bath smelling like it. What I also miss in this bath bomb, is that it does not come with any foam. I mean, one of the best things about a bath is the foam, right? Especially for kids..

But what the bath ball thingie does have, is that little surprise in the middle. It is very funny cause you see one fin sticking out pretty swiftly, as it shows as the bath bomb is dissolving. It is really cute and the fish in there is pretty big.

It is a plastic fish that is really fun to play around with in the water, though I did not cause I always take my phone with me when I take a bath, so I watch Netflix hihi. But kids, baths and fishies are an amazing combination of course.

It is just too bad there is no foam though, though now you can see your fish swim around in your bath tub even better 😉

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