Warm Bodies is terrific

Every year in april we have Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam, and it is really amazing. The movies are often very weird, but very good, the crowd is lovely and the atmosphere is just excellent. One time I was there for Warm Bodies, a movie I was looking forward to mucho thanks to Nicholas Hoult being in the movie, and of course the fact that it is a zombie romcom. Loving it!

So at this festival the movie was shown and Nicholas Hoult was actually attending to do an introduction, which was super cool. In this movie Hoult falls in love with the blonde Kristen Stewart, aka Teresa Palmer (I Am Number Four), and he is friends with the funny corps Rob Corddry (Seeking A Friend for the End of the World). And then there is mr John Malkovich.

He said that during a meeting with Jonathan Levine (50/50, and the director of Warm Bodies): “Hmm, but why would zombies blink?” A stupid remark, cause that meant Hoult could not blink at all during filming this romantic story.

Even for a Romeo & Juliet fan like myself, Warm Bodies was such a nice flick to watch. This zomromcom really follows the romcom rhythmn, instead of going for the raw and dramatic Shakespearean telling of Romeo & Juliet. It all starts with jokes, then it becomes clumsy when meeting the object of his affection, and then you see a young love blossom, lots of drama and of course that important question: is it all going to be okay?

Haha, and in case of zombies, that last question is an intersting one. People are fighting to survive, especially as there are a lot of creatures that are no longer zombies, but have evolved into Bonies: evil and fast versions of their former selves.

R, the zombie we experience the story through, is not a Boney yet. He tells you his thoughts, while you see what his life at the airport is like. It is a bit scary when he explains that he has a zombie friend that he sometimes shares more with than just growls, cause sometimes they can say words. So what you need to do is to forget about those Walking Dead-esque zombie theory as swift as possible, cause you need to give the corpses in Warm Bodies a chance.

If you manage that and if you can handle cutesy love flicks, you will enjoy Warm Bodies. As soon as R gets to know the human, living young lady Julie, the jokes are fading away and there are more emotional moments. However, from start to finish you are showered with funny remarks, so don’t be afraid: this fresh zombie flick does not change into Ghost or PS I Love You.

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