MC Lynx – Being a 90’s kid is bad

Though I am born in the late 80’s, I always call myself a 90’s kid. That is when I grew up, and that is something that I am kinda proud of. The things I am not so proud of though, are the horrible covers that I listened to. I still feel -this feels like blasphemy- that Under the Bridge by All Saints is cooler than Under the Bridge by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And there is another song that I prefer the horribly bad cover of: I Need Love.

In Holland in the 90’s we went through this whole period of eurodance, filled with amazing artists like Dune and Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo. The harder music was called hardcore, and Flamman & Abraxas was a bit in between. In the end, I’ll be your only Friend was one of their club bangers, and then there was I Need Love, another collaboration with a guy called MC Lynx.

The funniest thing is that I thought MC Lynx was extremely hot. I would watch the video, and I would be like: whaaaatt he is so sexy! What a hunk! And now I cannot believe what I was thinking. I mean, he is defenitely not ugly, but I remember really appreciating his hair specifically, which is the worst! And I loved the song, even though the LL Cool J one is preferred now 😉

So while writing this article I was checking out whatever happened to MC Lynx. Wikipedia tells me he is Turkish, which is pretty cool, I did not realise that. And that he apparently is with this band called 4Sinners now, but unfortunately it is really awful, which is too bad cause he still has an awesome voice, but the song is soooo awful, haha. I still think the Dutch sound in his English pronunciation is pretty cute, haha. Oh getting older is so much fun and so bad at at the same time. But seriously, the song below is a joke right? 😐

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