Foodhallen Amsterdam are great, casino is not

So last Friday me and I. plus her boyfriend and another guy went to the casino, but first we had to eat so we visited the Foodhallen. Let me tell you, the Foodhallen are a very popular hipster kinda thing in Amsterdam, and even though they have been open for a long time, I still did not have the chance to visit them, so I was super excited about going there. Even though, I must say, my veggie lifestyle did get in the way a little bit, hihi.


Thankfully they have lots of amazing vegetarian options too, so I had the most amazing vegetable dumplings (very veggy gyoza) and plate of sweet potato fries with truffle mayonnaise, so good. Plus, someone pointed out to me that I should definitely try the little pastry kinda pie like cake-thingies for desert, so I did and they were so amazing, that I had four. Four pieces, all by myself, it was a bit outrageous, and I did offer my friends a bite, but still, it was a lot, and I was so full all night.

They looked and tasted so good though:


We had a great time, though I. is currently not drinking any alcohol for a month (great choice lady, in the month of my birthday!), but I am trying to be helping her by not drinking around her either, so her boyfriend and his friend enjoyed some special beers, while I. and I were mostly just binging food. Foodhallen are amazing, you should go there, they will bring you so much bliss.

The casino, which we visited afterwards, was not as great though. When we came in I already noticed how weird the atmosphere was, the energy in the room, it just wasn’t alright. Then we sat at this roulette table and there were these posh guys that were treating the gambling they were doing like it was some business investment. They acted like they knew what they were doing, which was very disturbing to me. Also, people are in your face the whole time, and I don’t know, the way in which people just gamble away hundreds of euros in a few seconds, it scares me.


What I did like was when the friend asked me to tell him which number, and I said red 23, which is my favorite number, and seriously, it was red 23 right then. Isn’t that odd? I thought it was pretty cool. Eventually I lost 10 euros at the table, and I won 30 cents at the one armed bandit, hihi, I totally don’t get why people spend so much time at slot machines, or in casino’s in general. Again, I really don’t like the atmosphere, everybody is keeping an eye on you, it just feels wrong. It is fun to be with friends though, so I still had a lovely evening.

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