Trolls made me laugh once


When I heard they were making a movie based on the toy trolls I used to collect when I was a little girl, I was not really feeling it. It felt like another Angry Birds, or a movie that is simply to gimmicky to really be fun. I must say, now that I have seen it, that is definitely not the case. It is a full fletched animated flick like any other Dreamworks movie, but this time it is very musical. The characters will burst into singing a lot of the time, which is not surprising considering the voice cast of Zooey Deschanel and Justin Timberlake.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not think Trolls is a good movie for adults, it really is a childrens flick, with lots of overreacting characters, but it still is very fun to watch for adults. I even laughed once, and everyone that knows me knows that that is rare, very rare. I laughed about a character at the beginning, when my eyes were still getting used to all the bright colors and extreme cuteness they had to take in, which was this little guy that said something about staring awkwardly at your parents while they were asleep, hihi, I like that dark kinda humor, especially as I did not expect it at all.

The animation in Trolls is really good, the world they have created is really believable, lovely and cute, and it really is a feel good movie to the max. It is not bad at all actually, but it does have a few things that are too childish for my taste. Plus, my friend W noticed that the message of the movie is not that great, as it kinda says that you should be just like anyone else, instead of being yourself. But W can be a pretty grumpy person sometimes, so may be he was offended 😉

Anyway, I am glad I checked the movie out in 3D in the cinema, cause it was really nice to look at, again, the bright colors were awesome, the songs weren’t bad (mostly very famous pop songs with a twist) although at the end it started taking a bit too long for things to progress. It’s like: come on, get it over with already, who cares about the little kitchen maid, the trolls must be saved!

Last but not least what I really liked about the movie were the scrap booking ways of telling stories, it was cute, and it made things a lot easier to understand. Very charming. So I guess Trolls is a pretty charming movie, but it is obviously not a movie to take a date to, rather bring your kids and enjoy the 3D color galore!

Oh by the way, this is my favorite part of the movie, especially when the spider says Hello (from 0:32 seconds):

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