Bucketlist: try yoga

My friend M is very much into yoga, veganism, everything natural. I think that is really cool, I admire her for that (and for other things, she is a goddess!) but it is also something that I do not consider realistic for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I am very comfortable with my vegetarian lifestyle, I wish I was a bit more courageous when I was younger, instead of becoming a vegetarian so late. However, not eating anything containing milk or eggs, that is a bit too much for me.

And yoga, yes, let’s talk about that. My friend knows that I am sometimes struggling with stuff mentally, so she is like: Oh you should try yoga, it will do your brain so much good, go for it! And I have been hesitant, the quietness scares me, and the people too. So I did not do much with it, besides buying the Yoga for Dummies book (seriously!), until at work there was this relaxation @ work thing where you could register for yoga classes. As I was a bit late registering, I was on the waiting list, and one of the classes I could actually join eventually, which was great.

I use the word great, cause nice is not a good way to put it. I hated it. Not that the teacher was not good: she had a super calm voice, she made me feel very comfortable. But it’s a combination of not knowing how long I have to do something, what will come next, the people around me and having to relax. I just can’t do it. Weirdly enough, I was totally unrelaxed the whole time, though I noticed that it is good for you to stretch, but when the ‘mindfulness” part came on, I fell asleep!

It was yoga at work so I was enrolled at a class at the end of my work day, maybe that was it, but mostly I think it is more symbolic than that: my brain could not handle living here and now I suppose, so it just went off, hihi. Anyway, I really disliked it. The fact that is with colleagues does not help much either, especially when we had to “cradle our leg like a little baby”, it was just a bit ridiculous to me, even though I know other people think it is great and I do like those kind of spiritual ways of describing things. It was just too weird and too office’y for me to really relax, plus I am just not myself in a group, so I can’t be at total ease.

I am glad my employer organises these kinds of activities though, I think it is really rad. And at least now I know that yoga in groups like this is not my thing, might try it one day at home, watching a YouTube-vid though.

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