Socks in bed

I was at Jem and Rey’s house the other day, and I had such an odd conversation that I thought, let’s blog about it. So we were talking about socks, cause I never wear the same socks (unless they are new so I got them together), as I think it is a waste of time to match socks while doing laundry and because it is more fun to have two different socks on. So for some reason the topic came to feeling socks rub against eachother, which I sometimes think is disgusting, but it can also be cute and sexy, haha. But then, we started talking about wearing socks in bed..

So to me, that is a no go, unless you are camping outside and you know that you are going to be freaking cold. In your own home though, why the heck would you wear socks in your bed? Isn’t it a way nicer feeling to have your feet free, and to be able to feel the sheets against your feet, or to hang your feet out of your bed to cool off a bit? Well Jem and Rey did not agree, especially Jem likes to wear socks in bed, even though that feeling of socks in bed is so horrible.

He actually considers it to be very nice, which I really do not understand. All those layers of fabric, ieeek! And what if you are, you know, having a good time in your bed, that is so weird with your socks on, right? Hihi, I think he actually mentioned he does take them off then, but I am not sure I recall correctly. Anyway, I was very surprised to learn that there are actually people that keep on their socks in bed. Hihi, it is so weird! Only love Jem and Rey more because of it, of course. My socks though, even though they are never together anymore, they go off. I want my feet to touch the sheet! 😉 Hihi.

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