Grasshoppers are not the best cocktails

As I am allergic to lots of different kinds of wine, and I do not like beer, I am more interested in the stronger drinks, mostly liquor though. My favorite type of drink is the cocktail, no matter how much I detest the name. I just think they offer amazing blends of alcohol, of sweetness, and they come in so many different varieties. Especially the Sex on the Beach and the Grasshopper are my favorite, though my opinion has been slightly changing when it comes to Grasshoppers.

That is my own fault though, as I just bought too many bottles of creme de cacao and creme de menthe. Mix those two and your Grasshopper is born. If you blend it well it tastes just like After Eight, an amazing chocolate minty mix of awesomeness. But if you make that blend a little too often, you get a bit sick of it, hihi, especially drinking this same drink for the whole evening.

So my new plan is to have a little bit more different flavours of liquor, so I can start making fun new blends instead of enjoying my After Eight’esque drink all the time. If you love something, you should not have it all the time, right? So I am trying to use a little, just a little bit less creme de menthe and creme de cacao, and I am going to try to have a little bit more Peach Tree and Blue Curacao in my life, especially now that the darker days are coming, I should also have some stuff available for White Russians… Hmm, so many good booze, so little possibility to really take advantage of it! 😉


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