Let’s keep this friendship going

There are not many friends I have had for many years. Usually after a couple of years the friendship either gets too intense, or it simply is no longer relevant or something, I don’t know, I am just not good at keeping friendships healthy for a very long time, unfortunately. The person that has endured that the most is my friend I.. I love her so much, but we have had a very rocky past. Which mostly is my fault, as I have not made things easy for her, but it was also for a while that I was living in a different city, having a very different life, and she needed more attention that I could give her at that moment.


Our friendship has been very strong and then very off for many times, but now that my life has changed anyway, the will to keep this friendship happy and healthy forever is stronger than ever before. Even if I would meet the love of my life, I will never let him or her stand in between. I. is really dear to me, and even though I have found it a problem for a while that we were so different, there are always so many things we have in common, and we keep on learning from eachother and that is beautiful.


It does not mean keeping this friendship alive is easy for me, it will sometimes still be hard, but I know now that it is worth it. I can always count on her, she is very sweet, supportive, and I can only hope to give her that same sweetness and support back. I started seeing her again two months ago after not having seen her for about two years. But now we are so strong and well again, it is amazing. We have been to the casino the other day, we have had a couple of drinks, we went out, I slept over at her place, we went to the Foodhallen together, it is really lovely to do stuff with her again. She has a very sweet boyfriend, a very steady relationship, and it is really cool to see her that happy with a guy that is actually an extremely good fit for her.


I. and I go way back, all the way to 2003, so our friendship is about 13 years old. It still feels young because we haven’t spend too much time together the past 10 years (!), but dear, have we been through a lot. I hope we will get a lot of interesting and deep moments in the future, and not many drama like the past 😉 But I think we will be fine. She is an excellent woman, I love her to pieces. I hope she can keep up with my crazy, but then again, she is my guardian angel and her wings have proven to be fast enough. ❤



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