Sam had a baby!

Finally my dear friend Sam had her baby. We went to Gamescom together and even though it was half August and she was due in two weeks, she still worked that floor like a boss. She had more energy than I did! That was really cool.

But after Gamescom we had to wait for the beautiful girl to be born, and she sure took a while. Eventually they had to get her, instead of doing things totally natural, which was a bit of a bummer for Sam, as she really wanted things to be as natural as possible.

But the baby is here now, I am not posting any pictures as that is not my place, but she is super adorable. I do not really feel all the feelz when it comes to babies and kids, but Zelda (yes, her name is Zelda, that is the coolest thing ever!) is really cute. She is tiny, she looks very beautiful and when she wears cute little clothes with strawberries on them, I want to just squeeze her to death because of adorableness.

I went to the hospital as soon as I could (she was born last week) and I even got to hold her! I was very worried about Sam though, as the labour had been very intense and like I said, not how she would want it, but there she was, looking all glowy and happy and exhausted.

Sam really rocks, and I cannot wait to see if Zelda grows up like an awesome kid, just like her sister (Sam has a six year old kid right now). But I bet with a mom like Sam, they’ll be fine. I am just so happy she is finally here!

I was so afraid something might happen during Gamescom, or the stressy situations Sam has to deal with sometimes would may be take their toll, but eventually she did an excellent job and everybody is just all happy that everybody is okay. I wish her all the love in the world, and her little family too. Aawwww!

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