Review: Lush Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb

Ever since I am single my mind is even more a rollercoaster than it usually was. The afternoon can be superhappy and upbeat, and then my evening sometimes turns into something dark and emotional. It is odd, but I try to stay strong and not become an emo girl, haha. Trying to grow up. One of the ways to do so is to eat a lot of chocolate covered strawberries, but another one is to buy myself a Lush Bath Bomb every once in a while and just pamper myself with it. It is insane how one of those bath bombs makes your bath 7 to 8 euros more expensive, but often they are so worth it.


So in the store they kinda know my taste: I like sweet. The Comforter is still my favorite Lush shower gel of all time, and I like my bath bombs as weird as can be: weird colors, a lot of foam, some glitter: as long as it is not boring, I am happy. So the other day I tried the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb, which is mainly a ball with one part pink and one part orange. It looks very smooth and shiny, and the only thing you have to do is to toss in into a bath filled with water, and the ball then starts turning and decomposing (though that does not sound very hot) and your bath water turns from crystal clear to yellow, to orange, to pink. It is lovely.


Anyway, so the lady in the store already warned me about the smell: it was very sweet, very intense, because of the citrus fruit. Never Mind The Ballistics is a bath bomb with only orange and lime as flavors, which are very refreshing and re-activating smells. They are lovely though, the whole bathroom started to smell so citrussy and tropical in a few seconds, it really was amazing. Plus, the great thing about this bath bomb is that it actually involves some oils as well, which is annoying for cleaning the bath tub, but so nice for your skin while you are in the bath. It makes it all smooth and soft.


Though I really liked the shiny look and colors of the Never Mind The Ballistics bath bomb, I was a bit bored by it not getting any foam in my bath, I should definitely try the more crumbly ones next time, as those usually do generate foam. I dunno, when I take a bath to relax, I want to have the full experience you know, blowing soap bubbles like the little mermaid, is that too much to ask? 😉 Anyway, I feel like 8 euros for a bath like this is a bit on the expensive side, but on the other hand I do really believe my skin was very happy with the oily care, and I was very happy with the strong smell and beautiful look of the bath bomb. I did see the Christmas Lush stuff in the store already though, and I must say: is it Christmas yet? 😉


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