Why did no one love Easy on Netflix?

There are so many shows I still need to watch on Netflix: Narcos, Black Mirror, Luke Cage, Luther.. But when Netflix recommended Easy I thought: this is something I do not have to really focus on, so I can watch it during writing. Well I was wrong. As soon as Easy was on, I was just looking at the screen totally intrigued by it.

Though many people state that the series is way too millennial, I am a millennial and I think it is great. I think it is an excellent way of showing a small part of the world in this era. I love how it explores the different relationships without being very closed minded about it. The fact that it has an all-star cast also shows that I am not the only one that saw the potential. Some parts of it might shock you, some parts might be a good lesson, but in general it is a good view on relationships. Sometimes it can be very predictable, but often it is just very entertaining and cute.

Thinking about the story I love the most, I think I will go with the second episode, about the girl that is in love with the other girl. It is so cute, I just want to grab my screen and hug it! What I like about Easy too, is that it is not showing the many judgmental people that lesbians and open relationship people need to deal with. Maybe that is a bad thing, cause it is not realistic, but at least you can just be in that lovely bubble with them for a while and that just feels good.

It is a short season, but it is sweet. It will leave you thinking about the characters, being (in most cases) happy about how things turned out for them. Being proud that there are open minded and loving people like that in the world, that love the person and accept situations as they are, as far as they can do it. People that might struggle, but at least they try. Especially I think the pregnant girlfriend of the guy in the Franco-story is like that.

Even though at first I thought she was super annoying, eventually she loved him so much that she would make amendments to her life in order for him to be happy. And that resulted in them both being happy.  Yay! Can’t wait for a new season of Easy, afraid it might never come because many people do not get swept away by it like I did (or appreciate it like I did, I did not totally fall in love with it), but I ‘d love to see another season of this a-day-in-the-life-of show.

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