The 25 movies I love the most

I looooooove movies. I love watching them, talking about them, writing about them, learning about them; they are great! I am so afraid I might forget who I am one day, and which movies I loved, so I made a list! I can’t really decide which one is better, I only know that Beauty and the Beast obviously is my number one, as it will always be, I did not get a tattoo of it just because 😉 But the rest of it is pretty vague, some movies I have seen more recently, some are very old. Anyways, this is my list, and I love it! 😉

I am not a cryer, but this movie has made me cry eight times in just one time watching. I love Shakespeare, I love Leo, I love Carrie (euh Claire Danes!), I love Baz Luhrmann and I love the language used in this flick.

Battle Royale
I love Asian movies, and Battle Royale offers a very interesting concept, wayyy before The Hunger Games was a thing. It is a gorey and intense movie, and I absolutely love it.

Amazing soundtrack, amazing story, amazing actor; Drive is a movie unlike any others, while not turning into something weird.

I love thrillers and Se7en is one that is interesting because of the 7 sins, the duo Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman and that weird f’er played by Kevin Spacey. And yes, of course, that ending..

Sleepy Hollow
This movie is not amazing because of the story or anything, but the atmosphere, the acting by Johnny Depp and the cool way it is told make this movie pretty worthy of being on my list.

The Great Gatsby
Another Baz Luhrmann movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. The Great Gatsby is so dreamy, so interesting and so different. I love the art direction in this movie, and the way Leo says old sport.

Interview with the Vampire
A true classic and another movie that includes Brad Pitt. Interview with the Vampire is by far the best vampire movie ever made, which its compelling story and interesting setting.

In case you were wondering if I have a sense of humor; it is a difficult one. Trainwreck however, is a movie that makes me laugh every few minutes, which is extremely rare. I love Amy Schumer, she really did an excellent job.

This movie I love because of the transformation Jake Gyllenhaal went through and the interesting journalistic ethics that are at play. I love how you see the streets of “my” beloved city LA, but mostly I like the atmosphere and the thrill that comes with it. Very exciting movie.

Finding Nemo
It is an amazing Pixar movie that makes me laugh everytime. It is the best computer animated movie ever made.

The Dark Knight
Very impressive how Christian Bale went from The Machinist into Batman-mode, bodywise. But The Dark Knight is good for so many other reasons: the Joker is excellent, I love how Batman talks and I really love Batman in general, he is my favorite superhero and Gotham is a very interesting background to his story.

As it is in Heaven
A very different movie is As it is in Heaven. A foreign flick from Scandinavia about a conductor that gets too stressed and then moves to a cute little town where he eventually totally falls in love with the people. Very cute flick.

Belle en het Beest (Beauty and the Beast)
Like I said, this is my fave movie of all time. Especially the Dutch version, as that is what I grew up with. The songs are good, the story is brilliant, the horse is the cutest, and of course the relationship between Belle and the Beast is soooo endearing.

The Martian
I love how feel good this movie is, while still giving you the sense of how far the outer space is, the disconnect. Love it. Matt Damon really does an excellent job.

The Wolf of Wall Street
Another Leo movie, this time with his friend Scorsese in the director role. I think the part of Margot Robbie in this movie is really amazing too. Excellent!

American Hustle
Another big body change for Christian Bale in this very cool movie with awesome art direction. I love the cast of this movie, and I like how they have portrayed the crazy characters that are involved in this story.

Gone Girl
Like I said, I love thrillers and Gone Girl really blew my mind. Ben Affleck is a very impressive person in general, but Rosamund Pike also does a great job in this very intense movie.

Dallas Buyers Club
Very sad movie, very true, with beautiful roles of a very famous awesome cast.

Guardians of the Galaxy
One of my favorite super hero movies, because I love Chris Pratt, I love the soundtrack, it is such a crazy bunch of characters, lots of stuff happening, really cool.

The Danish Girl
Oh Eddie Redmayne.. I love how he plays the Danish Girl, I love the open mind of his/her wife played by Alicia Vikander. It is really a heartbreakingly beautiful story.

The Guest
Awesome soundtrack, great role by Dan Stevens. Very cool oldschool movie.

Beyond the Lights
I loooove this movie, it makes me fall in love with it every time I watch it. I love how they filmed the sexy scene, which is so obviously shot from a female point of view, really lovely.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Best Star Wars movie ever. I love Rey, I love the jokes, I love the ride. It is awesome. Too bad there are no Ewoks in it.

Magic Mike XXL
It might not be the best movie ever, but it has such an awesome soundtrack, it is so much fun, and it is my best cinematic guilty pleasure of all time.

Alfred Hitchcock is amazing, and I really like the intensity of Vertigo. Lots of interesting tweaks.


So, this is it, the list of 25 movies that are my all time favorites. I wonder how long it will take for me to change a few around, or shall I make it a top 30 then? 😉

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