Online dating is so weird

Part of being single is that you might want to find a new person to hang out with. I get lonely too sometimes, so I thought: let’s join OKCupid. And Plenty of Fish, mostly cause I like to meet people from all over the world, not just my own backyard (not literally by the way, I am not interested in a zombie garden gnome πŸ˜‰ ). What I did not expect though, was how exhausting it actually is.

You have to keep all these conversations going, but you always start at zero and you always know that whatever the person on the other side says: it is only about that one thing. Or at least, it usually is. That is a very exhausting process, and especially being a woman on dating websites, every guy likes you, just because you are a woman. Does not matter what your personality is, or what your face looks like: many guys will just like all women just to have an option..

That being said, that does not mean I did not have very entertaining conversations on dating sites. Some of them I did not even have to speak in, like a guy that asked me if he could please worship my feet, and he would pay me for it. Hihi, too ticklish πŸ˜‰ Or guys that would start preaching about how it is ridiculous to not want kids. Or guys that just said: Show me your pussy and I will show you mine! I have had so many odd balls, it has been lots of fun. Especially people trying to make a play on my nickname are hilarious, so cool and often so corny too.

Anyway, the online dating scene has also given me a few things that were very awesome, or very interesting things to learn from, and I am sure I’ll write about them here when the time is right, as they deserve blogs of their own, haha. I am not yet sure how I feel about online dating. I am not sure if it makes me feel happy and in control, or depressed and sad. I guess it depends a bit on my mindset too. I still don’t get how people can have three dates on one day, as that would really exhaust me. One date is already pretty scary and I am totally drained afterwards hihi.

I do feel bad all the time about not talking back to many people, because I focus on one person at a time and I dont want to be in a conversation with 40 different people. I also don’t like to swipe people based on their picture only, even though I often get lucky with the people I date, I do not deliberately look for good looking people. I am just not picky enough I guess, cause I am too open to people. A person that is very ugly, could love Star Wars, animals and videogames. A super handsome dude, could not know who Chewbacca is. And even so; people should also have their own hobbies right? I dunno, I just feel bad about judging people, and dating sites often force you to. It’s not me. So instead I’d rather just chill with the awesome people I know, for now..

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