Dam tot Damloop 27km walk: I did it!

When I was a little girl, I think I was 8 or 9 years old, I ran the Mini Dam tot Damloop. It was a cute little children’s run of 2.5 KM (I think) around the town of Zaandam. I never made it to the big Dam to Damloop, which goes from Amsterdam to Zaandam (both cities have a dam square, so it goes from dam square to dam square) but I understand it is crazy busy and you have to walk all the time anyway, so that does not sound like a very nice run to be honest.

What I did do, today actually, was walk the Dam tot Damloop. Even though it is a bit of an old people’s thing, I did really like doing it. It was 27 kilometres all the way from the dam square in Amsterdam to the one in Zaandam, and as I was walking on a ticket that I got from my company, I was also allowed in the tent they always put down at the end of the Dam tot Damloop, to have a nice rest. That was good, cause I really needed a rest. As the matter of fact, I am currently sitting on my couch (have been for hours!) and I still need rest.

I walked the route with my colleague/friend T, who I had some struggles within the past few months, which caused us to not train together for this day. So I went to do the walk on the bottom of the ocean with my mom, as you might remember, but after that I did not really train apart from my one hour walks around my house. It was nice today with T though, we were walking the whole way together, talking for six hours, drinking Flugel (which is like vodka / Red Bull) and enjoying the music and the food and the drinks we were offered along the way.

However, what I did not enjoy was this blister I got just below my big toe. At first it was just annoying, then I put a special band-aid on it, but then something went wrong in my shoe (I still don’t know what) and it felt like my whole skin was ripped off, so I could no longer walk on it. So I was walking a bit weird, and that was okay, but then I was on the train for five minutes and when I stepped out I could not walk on my foot anymore. Hihi, it is very sucky, but I hope it will be okay again tomorrow as I’ve got plans! 🙂

I am glad I did walk the Dam tot Damloop and I had a good time, it is also kinda good to have some suffering at the end, otherwise it would all be too easy. I am a bit afraid of sore muscles too, as I was walking with sore muscles from Thursdays hip hop class all day hihi. We had to dance to Genuine-Pony, and that was very sexy, which meant a lot of low dancing 😛 Ouch! Haha. Anyway, it was a good time, I am not sure I would do it again next year, cause I did feel like one of the youngest people there (the average age was 55!) but it was lovely to experience and it feels good to have done something pretty sporty (not extremely sporty, I know! 😉 ).

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