Misfit Ray is cooler than I thought

Let’s wear a bracelet that keeps track of the amount of steps taken in a day. It sounded a bit insane to me. Why would you want to know how much you have walked in a day? And, don’t we have smartphones with us all the time that can count that for us? To say the least, I was pretty skeptical about techy wearables. Sure, there is some good stuff you can do with them, but aren’t they just an expensive excuse to look sporty?

Well, Misfit Ray has proven me wrong. Secretly I really wanted to at least try a wearable and I am glad I did. The activity tracker in Misfit Ray works as follows: you can choose how much steps you want to take each day: light, medium or a lot. I chose medium. Besides that you can also let Misfit Ray know the sports you often do, so when for example I step on my bicycle to go to work, I just put Misfit Ray around my leg instead of my arm, tick it three times and it would know I was cycling again, so the movement would be calculated differently than usual. Unfortunately there is no “hip hop dance” option at all, so it was just cycling and walking for me.

Honestly, the cycling one I did not even use, it seemed a bit ridiculous to keep changing the strap, taking Misfit Ray on and off. But for walking it was really good. Plus, it will also pulse (and vibrate) a little every few hours of sitting for too long, very cool. Even though I usually take enough little walks to the tea machine, I still have moments where work is so crazy that I just sit down for too long. Thankfully we have Swoppers at work, so at least I am working my back muscles in the process! 😉

What I really like about Misfit Ray is that you can use it in the shower; it is not totally water resistant I think (or let’s say I did not dare to still have it on in the bath tub), but I took an awful lot of showers with it, no problems there. Another thing that is really cool about it, is that you can make it pulse lightly when you get a text, a Facebook message or another notification you need to be alerted for.

It also tracks your sleep, so how much light and how much heavy sleep you get at night, which is not super accurate I think, but it is still interesting to realize how many hours you get, and how much real sleep you actually get.

And since I wear it (for a month now) I noticed that I did think about taking the stairs more, so I do get a bit more active, though I still think there is lots of room for improvement. I am pretty happy with the Misfit Ray, it has a gorgeous design, it is simple yet sleek, it is working, and it has these super adorable colorful lights that show when you actually make your daily goal, yay. I will definitely keep wearing this little piece of technology.

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