Usher – Hard II Love is amazing

I woke up this morning, and there it was! Maybe it was there for a few days already, I am not even sure, cause I did not check Tidal for a while as I was infatuated by Camp, the album by Childish Gambino. However, now I have a new addiction and it is called Hard II Love. It is the new Usher album, which has a very interesting cover picture, with a guy that looks more like a basketballer than Usher, so I am not sure what to think of it. Sorry if I am supposed to know, I don’t.

Anyway, usually when I first listen to an album I really have to get used to it, but this time right away there were a few songs that stood out to me. Missin U is very nice, it makes me a bit butterfly-ey inside even. Downtime is very amazing too, I am not sure what it means yet, but it has some vibe that I truly enjoy. A bit down-esque like Frank Ocean actually, not as smart and as political or creative of course, but still that vibe is a bit eery. Love it.

The nicest thing about the album is that it has very clear songs. What I did not love about Frank Oceans album (dear this feels like cursing in a church, hihi, Dutch expression), is that it is too much of one flow, Ushers album offers more different kind of songs that stand alone I guess. That is something I have always appreciated about Ushers music, the songs are very stand alone. I can actually sing along all of Ushers music, and I often connect to it very well. The “hunt” feeling in Red Light, the sadness in Burn, the attitude in one of my all time faves, My Way. His songs are really cool, and for some reason I don’t get sick of him very quickly.

I think Hard II Love is an excellent CD. It has a bit of that new Future sound on it, but it is still a classic Usher album. Sweet songs, songs with attitude. I think he has worked very hard on this album, it really sounds awesome and the overall vibe of it is simply fantastic. Listen to it, see what you feel. Only on Tidal for now, hopefully it will find its way to Spotify soon too.

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