I can finally put up the Xmas tree

Sometimes I worry about myself. I worry that I am a crazy cat lady that loves Christmas too much. And those worries are not weird my friends: I am in fact a crazy cat lady that loves Christmas too much. In fact, I love it so much that I can’t wait until December to put up my Christmas tree. Hell no, I always want to do it before my birthday end of October, and you know what, I am going to do it, finally.

I am planning on cleaning up my house the upcoming weeks, sell some stuff, throw away a lot of stuff, and just enjoy living instead of material things. But then I will not be minimalistic in my living room, because that is where the Christmas tree will go. I have a very beautiful tall fake Christmas tree that I like to fill with plastic ornaments (cause cats) and I like to make the whole living room one area of Xmas-ness. I used to have boyfriends that would tell me it might not be such a good idea to start doing Christmas two months in advance, but you know what, why the hell not?

I have been listening to my fave Xmas song all summer at least once a day (Driving Home for Christmas by Chris Rea. So beautiful) and now it is just that time of year. The weather is getting worse, people will start wanting to wear sweaters soon; it is coming! Well actually that is a bit of a lie, I think September broke more heat records than ever before, but at one point people, there will be cold. There will be rain. There might even be snow and there will definitely be whining about having a Frisian “Elfstedentocht” ice skating event.

But until that time, I want to have my beloved Xmas tree in my living room. My goal is to have done it by my birthday end of October, so there is definitely a deadline to keep in mind. 🙂

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