I’m going to see Placebo!

Though my concert life has been pretty quiet for the last six years, I am totally catching up on that. Soon I’ll be going to Jamie T and BJ The Chicago Kid, and.. Placebo! I am super excited, as Placebo is a band that really fits. It is nice and sad, depressing music, with heavy lyrics and an androgynous touch. Though honestly I am not someone that can listen to Placebo for a full day, if I have the need I really love to feel the feels while listening to Placebo. Especially songs like Passive Aggressive and The Bitter End are amazing, but there are so many good songs.

Now that the winter is coming, I notice myself getting more into rock music again. When I was 15 years old I listened to Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach, Incubus, Placebo, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Kittie, Ill Nino, Staind, et cetera. I still love listening to these bands, but as hip hop, RnB and Soul are being more and more important in my life, rock and metal tend to get less playtime hihi. Not that I am bothered with it, there is still at least one day a week that I feel the need for some heavy guitar stuff.

And I still love to go to concerts. I was going to go to Of Mice And Men, but that got cancelled unfortunately, but I went to Three Days Grace earlier this year and that was awesome, especially cause I was there with a friend I do not get to see often, as she lives quite far away. Not that I always need to go to a concert with someone else; I have been going to concerts alone a few times, and that is cool too. The thing is, if you go to a concert with someone, it is nice when you go there and when you go back, but my voice is too small to really talk during the concert (plus I do not want to, as I want to hear the music) AND if the friend does not enjoy themselves, even though I am, it still does not feel right.

So with that in mind I have bought a few tickets for upcoming concerts, like Talib Kweli, Skunk Anansie and Placebo. Really looking forward to those three, though I will probably feel too white going to Talib Kweli. 😉 Anyway, I really look forward to all concerts that are in my near and my far future, even if they make me depressed like Placebo, hihi, which is good depressed I guess, if that is a thing.

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