I am going to travel to Japan!

Aaaah I am so thrilled. When I was a teenager, I was totally into Japan. The video games, the horror movies, the language, the harajuku people, the culture, the landscape; I was totally dreaming about visiting Japan one day. Unfortunately back then a trip to Japan was extremely expensive, and it still is. Japan however is becoming more popular and touristy, which makes it a bit easier to travel there now.

When I was a teen, totally trying to learn the language, I promised myself that I would travel to Japan before I turned 30. Well, I am turning 29 in about a month and I still haven’t gone, so the clock is ticking! As I am single now I first wanted to book a single trip to Japan. That sounds a bit sad to some people, but it actually is a normal trip, but you are not with all these couples around you. I mean, it’s not like you are having speed dates all the time or something.

Part of me is interested in going on a trip for singles. Not specifically because I am on the lookout or anything, but mostly because I am just curious what that would be like. So I put an option out on a singles trip to Japan, end of March cause then the sakura is supposed to blossom. I had my option there, and then I had some huge financial backlash, so I did not really see my trip happening again. Aww, lifegoal failed.

Until my parents said that they were looking into going to Japan. Part of me was afraid that they would only say that because they know about my dream, and they feel sorry for me about the break up perhaps. So at first I was like: oh you should totally go together, that is so romantic! But then they kinda asked me to join them, and even though I was very hesitant at first, cause I do want to be more independent, I realised that in order to make this dream of my little teenage self come through, I should probably say yet.

Plus, it’s not like I never travel with my parents; all my huge Asian trips have been with my parents. I don’t mind going on holiday with them, they are pretty relaxed, I can still do my own thing, and yet it is lovely to spend time with them while we still can, I mean, they are in their 60’s so it’s not like I am about to lose them (at least, I hope not.. 😦 nightmare stuff) but you know how that goes when people get older, they don’t want to travel as far anymore, and in general you never know what life is going to bring, so I thought: let’s go for it, it seems amazing!

So I am going to Japan in 2017, and I am super thrilled. Not just because of going to Japan, but also because I have something huge to look forward to now. I always get a bit depressed when I do not have any travel planned. I still have a weekend to London soon, but that is just not the same as a real holiday. So even though I am being in the safe zone with my parents again, I am still extremely happy to go to this beautiful country, making at least one life goal happen. And of course I will be writing a travel report! I wonder what kind of person I will be sharing a room with though! 😐 #singlelife #loner #hihijustkidding

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