Tattoo goals: this is what I want

I got some ink a while ago, it has been four months or something, but I am constantly thinking about what the next step will be. Or, to be precise: what the next tattoo will be. Who will be the artist, what will be the location, how big will it be and last but definitely not least: what do I want? There are a few ideas going around in my head that I wanted to share with you all.

Even though at first I wanted to get Everything is copy in typewriter letters on my back, I have decided to leave my back for Keely, as I already have my Beauty and the Beast tattoo over there. Then I thought about it some more, and I first want tob e exactly sure where I would like that idea then, before I do it. Plus, another design is on my brain already: I want to have a handwritten word on my arm, very small, near my wrist.

I am not sure which word yet. First I was always thinking to put Forever on my arm, but that seems a bit sarcastic to me right now. So then I thought: Swim Good, which is not only a great reference to the song of the same name by Frank Ocean, which has great meaning and beautiful beats. But I think it is too bad that that is two words, I rather get one. So I am still thinking about that a lot.

It seems such a great spot to get a tattoo, I am still thinking really hard. It has to be very meaningful to me though; all my tattoos have a great deal of me in them. I also still want to get a unicornhead, preferably abstract, but the place I wanted to put it is taken by the pineapple now, hihi. Still lots of stuff to think about, but I am happy at least I am still in the thinking phase, instead of the: OKAY I AM DOING THIS NOW-phase, which is a phase I can get to extremly quickly sometimes..

I am very curious what my next tattoo will be, and may be there will be no next one, who knows? All I know is that I want to get it done by a lady, as I only want ladies to tattoo me. I do have three tattoos by men, and they are great too, but I’d rather give the ladies work and income. Plus, I usually like girlie styles a lot more. And it is handy: I would not have as much choice as I would if I would chose to be tattood by a guy, so it’s protection to, a little bit!

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