2003: My selfie project

Everytime a person talks about selfies, it always brings me back to 2003, the year in which I made a selfie every freaking day, not knowing it would ever be called a selfie. It would just be a photo of myself, made with my super crappy webcam I used back then to video chat with my boyfriend who only lived 30 kilometers away. Anyway, I was about 14 or 15 years old, and I made a pic everyday. Some very intense thanks to my goth era in which I would for example make one eye all black and one with no make up, hihi, and some very celebratory because I passed my exams for example.

As time went by I guess life happened and my project stopped. I still held on to the photos, even when I switched boyfriends (which is usually a moment for me to get rid of EVERYTHING, very stupid I know..). Unfortunately though, my pc could no longer deal with them at one point, cause it had the blue screen of death and then all my photos were gone. In hindsight it was a life project, all flushed down the virtual toilet. Very stupid, I still get annoyed when I think about it. But thankfully, we still have the pictures!

Well, not the virtual ones that I wanted to have, but I used to keep a diary back then, and I used to print them off and glue them onto the pages. Hihi, little creative girl. So even though I found it very hard not to start reading, I opened a few of those diaries again to take a few pics, which you will see through this whole article. It is funny cause I was even more insecure back then than I am now, and yet I made a selfie every day. I guess I just liked looking back to them, knowing exactly when I took it, what mood I was in, what was happening in my life. Now I can’t remember of course, but it is still cool to see them, I was so young and skinny!

So, I still regret that moment that computer crashed and all those photo’s were gone, but thankfully we still have paper, which is even more crappy than the original, but at least it is something. Enjoy. 🙂


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