Rittersport drama

Going on a trip to Germany usually means Gamescom, but this time it meant IFA. However, it also meant leaving enough room in my suitcase, cause this time I actually had time to go to a supermarket and get me a whole kilo of one of my favorite cheap chocolate bars in the world: Rittersport. Even though Rittersport looks like it is from the 80’s, and they really don’t do a lot to modernise the design of their packaging, it still is a very recognizable brand thanks to the color schemes and the fact that their chocolate bars are always square.

There are many Rittersport flavors to love: the one with breakfast cereal for example. The best one though, is the Rittersport Pfefferminz one, which is turquoise and it tastes like After Eight. Only After Eight is Bruce Banner, and Rittersport Pfefferminz is Hulk. It is bigger and there is more lovely strong minty stuff in it, it is soooo good. You can buy it in my country, but not in many places, plus the price is fairly high. Not in Germany though, for 1 euro you have a bar, so why not buy 6 to 10 bars if you are in Berlin?

Well, cause they might not put the right bar in the packaging! I had bought a stack of Rittersport Pfefferminz, and when I came home (and not home as in: hotel, but home as in: back in The Netherlands) I found out the most horrible thing I had ever experienced with chocolate (besides it being not there when I was on holiday in Asia): they had put a normal, super boring dark chocolate square in the packaging, instead of the lovely Pfefferminz one.

It is not a too crazy mistake, as Pfefferminz also uses the same dark chocolate. It is just not a lot of fun expecting softness and gooey minty stuff, and getting just a hard bar of pretty boring dark chocolate. I mean, I love myself a piece of dark chocolate, but then I want good quality, if it is chocolate with a filling, I am interested in cheaper brands too, like this Rittersport Pfefferminz.

Anyway, I have handed in a complaint at Rittersport and they seemed like they did not really believe me, even though I am not crazy. That was too bad, but there is still a sweet side to this story: Only four of the six bars I had bought included a dark chocolate piece, meaning I still had a few real Pfefferminz ones. It is so disappointing though that four of them were just dark chocolate, and that I had to find out the hard way 😉 Especially cause Rittersport Pfefferminz is soooo freaking good!


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