New on my bucketlist: The A’dam Lookout

New experiences are everything to me, and I am very happy to add something to my bucketlist which does not involve travelling, paying loads of money et cetera. Nope, I just need to go to Amsterdam, pay something like 20-25 euros and enjoy the Amsterdam Lookout.

It feels a bit weird, cause the A’dam Lookout is situated very close to where I used to live. I have lived in Amsterdam Noord for a while, when it was just starting to become hip and cool. I had a pretty nice maisonette, but unfortunately the house just never felt like a home, I had a lot of poor people and domestic abuse around me and it was just a bit rough. Plus, I never really loved Amsterdam in the first place. Big lesson here: don’t live in the place just because the guy never wants to move out of the city he grew up in. 😉

Anyway, it was not bad, I had a good time all those years I lived in Amsterdam Noord, I just appreciate Amsterdam a lot more when I can just go there for a day, instead of living in it. Plus, Amsterdam Noord is not considered Amsterdam by many people, which makes it all very confusing. Anyway! The A’dam Lookout is located in what used to be the Shell building, the tower near the IJ water with the crown on top.

I am not sure what you can actually do there, as it is pretty new, cause I think there is a lot to do. However, there is only one thing I am highly interested in: the swing. I am not talking about some strange swingers club, I am talking about the highest swing of Europe, one in which you just go over the edge of the building, being strapped in. So you do not really swing yourself, it is an electrical one, but it seems pretty awesome to me. First of all you have an amazing view over Amsterdam, and secondly, you actually swing over the edge, which should be pretty rad.

I am happy to put this on my bucketlist, as it seems to be a lot of fun. I will definitely let you know when I finally did it, cause hopefully that will happen soon!

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