Heartbeat is my jam

As I was strolling through Berlin the last couple of days, I was listening to a lot of music. Sometimes you just want to listen to the sounds of the city, but sometimes you just want to listen to Childish Gambino. I first thought I did not really dig his music, but then I notice him coming up in almost every Spotify playlist I like so I thought: I might need to give this guy a second chance. Plus, he was nice enough in Magic Mike 😉

Anyway, so even though he has made a few new albums, Camp is definitely my favorite. I absolutely adore the ending with the song That Power, that spoken word thing he does about going home by bus after camp. Even though I have listened to it about 30 times, I still keep on listening to it and enjoying it, which is really amazing as I don’t like those little bits and pieces usually.

There are a few songs on the album that I really love. One of them is definitely Outside, and also L.E.S. and Kids are great songs with cool lyrics and a nice beat to them. But there is one to rule them all, and that would be Heartbeat. I really love how it builds up from a kinda cute song to something super angry and frustrated, as that is pretty much how relationships go too. And I like his attitude about things, like: I don’t dig what you are doing, but I will still give into you cause I know I can’t not do that.

The beat is loud and aggressive, and as always his storytelling is spot on. He carries this song all on his own and he does an awesome job at it. It is just so good from the beginning to the pretty funny ending. Childish Gambino is like a wordsmith, and I just thoroughly enjoy listening to that amazing song on that crazy good album Camp.

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