I wanted to love Blonde…

I had been waiting for so long, and everybody kept on saying that I should not have been so hyped as that would only mean the disappointment would be bigger. But then I would say: but I LOVE this mans voice and everything he has done before!

Well, I don’t love Blonde, the Frank Ocean album that finally arrived a while ago. Even though I really want to love it, and I do really like a lot about it, I just simply don’t love it cause the songs are often so blurry. Blurry is probably not the right word, in Dutch I use a world like “jammy”, it is just not distinctive enough. And that sucks, cause we have been waiting for this album for so long!

Again, I really do like the album, but there are not a lot of songs I absolutely adore. The lyrics are awesome as always, very Frank Ocean, but I dunno, the songs are not very recognizable. Or let’s say, there are not all as recognizable, you know? Maybe there will come a day where a certain song suddenly speaks to me, and maybe later it will be another song, I mean, that happens often, but for now I often do not really see a reason to put the album on.

Oh my god I feel so bad for saying this all! I really hope it will change… 😦 Frank, I still love you, I think it is a good album, but it simply is not the genius we are so used to…

PS: And what is up with the title of the album, is it Blonde or Blond, cause I see both spellings and it is driving me nuts!

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