Review – Etos Voetverzorging Bruistabletten

I love walking, but my feet look like those of some kind of giant hobbit, if that makes sense. I try to give them a little bit more love, but it ain’t easy! One way of giving my tired feet a little love is to use dissolving tablets, that work just like Lush bath bombs, but then a smaller kind. You just put them in a little dish washing bucket filled with hand warm water, and they dissolve and you have a nice smelling, relaxing foot bath.

This week I have tried the Etos Voetverzorging Bruistabletten, which are dissolving tablets that cost about 3 euros for 8 pieces. Every one looks like a cute little foot, which is very adorable. The box smells pretty strong though, so I would advise not to keep them near food for too long. The smell is a bit minty, I kinda like it, I think there also might be some lavender in there but nothing too strong.


So you put your feet in the bucket for a while and then you feel a little bit more relaxed. Your feet will be softer, and it just feels very refreshing. I must say these ones from Etos are fine, but they are not what I would be looking for in a foot bath. I would like to have them a bit stronger, and I like it when afterwards my feet feel like there is a litle layer of bodylotion on them. They are soft though, so that is nice. And they do feel a bit refreshed too, so that is nice, a little bit of feet time does help.

Etos Voetverzorging Bruistabletten are not very expensive, so I think they are worth your money, if you are in a crazy mood you can put two in your foot bath, but with just one it is pretty fine too. It is nice to give the feet a little bit of love again, and those cute foot-like tablets from Etos are a good start to that! 🙂

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