Review – Bubble T Moroccan Mint Tea Bath Fizzer

It has been a while, but finally I am reviewing a beauty thing again, yay. Today it is the Moroccan Mint Tea Bath Fizzer by Bubble T, which obviously has the unique selling point of using tea in their products. You do smell this a bit when you take the bath fizzer out of its packaging, although it smells pretty minty, which could also be gum, hihi.


The bath fizzer is not just minty, it also involves goji berries, tea and oils. I must say that I did not find the smell very distinctive, but I do love how the fizzer makes the bath all light blue. Plus, it does feel good for the skin, not as amazing as some of the moisturizing Lush bath bombs, but it does feel very refreshing and nice. I prefer my bath bombs to be a bit more intense though.


Again, the blue color of the water is pretty nice, and it is one of the less expensive brands, you can get it at Superdrug in the UK I think. Not entirely sure where you can buy these in The Netherlands. I mean, I prefer paying a little bit more and having a very excellent bath experience, because I only take baths as a means of relaxation and pampering myself, so I don’t bathe too often, but if you take a bath at least twice a week or something, then this is a bath fizzer you might want to try.


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