Britney Spears just broke my heart

You might have heard of this thing in the Late Late Show (is that the right name?) called Carpool Karaoke, in which James Corden drives around with celebrities like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Michelle Obama just to interview them, have fun with them and sing along with their own songs (or their faves). A new one that came out this week is with Britney Spears. Though the show is amazing and she is doing an okay job (she playbacks a lot at first, which is too bad!), it broke my heart a bit.

Now let me be very clear, it did not so much break my heart because I was not expecting her to feel that way, but it was more the way she said it, thinking about that little girl she was back in the ’90s, feeling bad about that. Britney has been a big star for a very long time, I kinda grew up with her music, and I know the lyrics to all of her songs (the new album I still need to practise, I am not feeling that one yet). I do not really love the music, but I often like the things she tries to tell through her lyrics. I can easily make a top 10 favorite Britney songs that I legitimately like a lot.

Britney is one of my favorite guilty pleasures, though I do not find her extremely interesting or attractive as a human being. I appreciate her work ethics (hard work!) and she has meant a lot to a crazy amount of little girls. And that latter is exactly why that tape of Carpool Karaoke made me so sad. At one point in the car, they talk about her love life, and she is pretty much like: I do not really believe in long relationships, I just want to have fun. And at the end, a bit more softly, she says: “I am not going to marry anyone no, I don’t believe in marriage anymore”. The way she says she does not believe in marriage anymore, it makes me sad to the bone.

Not because I think marriage is amazing and everybody should want it, even a hopeless romantic like me does not really get super excited for marriage anymore per se, but it is more how she says it. She used the word “anymore”, meaning one day she was a tiny little Britney, planning her wedding to Mr. Right, and then when she got older she actually did that, and she got so disappointed in love that she decided marriage wasn’t for her. Like no one would ever want to promise her to love and cherish her for the rest of her life, just like a freaking woman should be loved and cherished.

Maybe I am making this all up, but I just saw her say that, and I saw all those little girls at home (that are now thirty-something, but still the little girls inside of them!) cry, realising that fairytales are not real. And God knows fairytales should always end well, and now Britney just busted our bubble on that. I mean, I can totally understand what she is coming from, again, I am not sure where I stand on the whole marriage thing either, but it is just very sad to hear all those little girls hearts break at once, hihi.

I realise that is a very anti-feminist thing to say, and of course it is not really like that, but I do hope people will still be hopeless romantics like me, with or without marriage. In the end, a wedding is just a party and marriage is just as hard work as any relationship. Which she also does not want by the way, hihi. Go Britney, whatever makes you happy!

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  1. To be fair, I (a 30 year old woman who has been a fan of Britney since Baby One More Time), felt that exact same remorse for that exact same reason. I remember wide-eyed, fairytale smiles, ‘I want an over the moon love with the perfect wedding’ Britney.


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