The Worst is my jam

I know “my jam” changes every few weeks, but that is a good thing I guess, my state of mind changes many times a day, so… 😉 Anyway, I have been aware of the existence of Jhené Aiko for quite a while. Mostly for doing a lot of collabo’s with artists that I love, but also because her album was a recommendation on any platform I use to look up or listen to music. To be fair, at first I liked her in collabo’s but not so much as a solo artist. Now that has changed, as the song The Worst is so amazing.

The song is pretty old, it comes from her 2013 album Sail Out, but I have listened to both albums and I both like them, which is a bit odd right (Stay Ready is an amazing song too!)? I don’t know why I did not appreciate her before. I still do not feel her voice as much as I feel other RnB singers voices, but I love her tone and what she actually has to say. Anyway, I’m happy that I think both albums are pretty good, I need some female power right now 😉 May be it’s because I’m going through a pretty deep RNB phase that I like her so much, all of a sudden. Could also be that I am mistaking her for this other RNB artist that I can’t make myself to like, I can’t remember her name but she has an album cover that is hand drawn with a person sitting in some yoga pose or something. Darn, Google can’t help me either..

Anyway, back to my jam, The Worst. I mainly like the part where she sings that even though she does not need the person, she still wants them. She sounds vulnerable and tough at the same time, and that is very admirable. I love how the songs flows and how at the start she is being a bit shy, but then she gets tougher, it’s good, it’s kinda empowering! She is considering the feelings of the other person, but at the same time being a bit mean, which is familiar cause that is how you get when you are in love and the person drives you crazy.

I love how her voice is not in telling mode but more in I-am-an-instrument-mode when she sings the verse. And then there is this rap-kinda piece about he don’t wife ’em and whatever, it is a very good song. I can imagine it might even be eye opening to some women that are going through some stuff. It’s about accepting your feelings, even though in your head you know better. And it’s upbeat, tough, sad, depressing and awesome at the same time, well done Jhené!

Back to work now 😉 Have a good day!

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