One of my proudest moments

I do not look back at life often enough, which is one of the reasons I started this blog, so if I do remember something I can write it down, hihi. Every year when Gamescom is coming up, I think about my best and proudest Gamescom moment, which was when I got the chance to interview Hideki Kamiya. He is a game director at Platinum Games, whom you might know from Bayonetta. I interviewed him during the time The Wonderful 101 just came out, or was about to come out, and I did that when I was still working for the Benelux version of IGN.

Not only was I super nervous for this interview, I was super excited about interviewing a Japanese person. You can’t really speak to them too often, as sometimes they have a very hard time speaking English, and in Japanese I can only say words like flower, hamburger and hello. Could be a nice conversation, but we had to talk about games right! So there was also a person in the room to translate, which was a challenge, cause it is a way less direct way of interviewing, plus: who do you look at?

So anyway, the interview went well, I really like talking to Kamiya and I was superthrilled when my interview got published. Little did I know it was going to be even more interesting, cause instead of the hundreds of thousands Dutchies checking the Dutch version out, my IGN colleagues sent the interview to the other IGN banners and it was actually published on IGN USA. Now let me tell you something about IGN USA: they have tens of millions of viewers a month. The article had almost 1000 responses and it was really cool to be the source of the news, as I asked him something about a possible sequel to the game and he said he would be interested.

Unfortunately I do not think a sequel will ever be made, cause even though The Wonderful 101 is super cool (and chaotic, and difficult!) it did not sell well. 😦 I do have very fond memories of the game though, thanks to this awesome interview where my hobbies all came together so well. Games, interviews, Japan, writing… ❤ I am well aware Gamescom will never be better than back then, but I still look forward to heading to Cologne this week.


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