The lady from the Secret Escapes commercial

Though most of the tv commercials are super annoying, especially ones for yeast infection (eek!) or the ones with kids (sorry kids, you are very annoying onscreen!), a few times a year there are these commercials that are just so amazing you can’t stop watching them, right? Which is good, cause you probably need to watch them 48 times if you watch a lot of TV.

There is a commercial on the tellie for the past few months that I really love, but they have f’ed it up, unfortunately. Let me tell you all the wonderful things about the original version first. So in this commercial you see this super adorable actress (Camilla Arfwedson), who apparently has been in Eastenders or some other UK tv show that simply does not work in The Netherlands, and then she starts telling super enthousiastically about all these hotel deals that you would not want to miss, as even the luxury hotels don’t want empty beds!

The moment I really fall in love with her, is when she is standing in the lobby of a hotel in a gorgeous plaided trenchcoat, and then she looks like she is telling you a secret (obviously: it is not called Secret Escapes because they are out in the open! 😉 ) and she gives this smile at the end that is just super awesome. Then you get a little bit disappointed, cause you will learn that she is about to share her bed with a guy (how awesome would it be if the voice from the bathroom was a female one, 2016 yeah!) and then she says we should shoo shoo as she should not be talking to other people while being in a super intimate hotelroom (and huuuge by the way) with this guy.

I like the commercial cause it is very lively, it is very convincing and she is just adorable! The British accent really helps too, which makes it even more stupid they have changed the commercial. It is no longer done by her own voice, and they made some pieces of it disappear. So a different, way less cute voice now says the things she says, so she is lip synching to it (stupid!) and then the ending is not even in there. It is so weird that they did this to the most adorable person in a commercial ever (okay, aside from animals!), that I simply start hating the commercial I used to love so much, hihi. There is no reason for the change either, it seems..

So now I do not love the commercial anymore. Thankfully I watch less tv lately, so at least that is a plus. Poor Secret Escapes… Oh and by the way, I did subscribe to Secret Escapes, but I was so unimpressed by what they had on offer that I cancelled my sub again. 😛



  1. Yes! It annoys the hell out of me, even more so than the VIPpoo commercial. (What am I saying, that monstrosity is literally Satan’s spawn)
    Why did they change it?!


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