The old Westworld is cool

Every once in a while I like the odd old movie, especially when it presents a concept that is original and interesting. Westworld definitely is such a movie, and it is actually getting the remake treatment at the moment, with Anthony Hopkins. Nice, looking forward to that! Westworld is a movie about a Disneyworld kinda place, where adults travel to to make their dreams come true.

So they can take a vacation to the old wild west, or to be a queen in the Roman empire or whatever, they have all these themes and you pay 1000 dollars a day to walk around in this world, and totally become a knight or a cowboy or whatever you like. Now there is one thing: their animatronics are pretty high tech.

Actually, they are so high tech that the people do not really understand fully if they are really robots, which is creepy cause in the wild west there are a lot of shootings happening, and you can actually kill robots! Very interesting, and of course you know from the get go that something is going to go awfully wrong. It does, but the movie really takes just enough time for everything, which is nice. First you have the introduction of the concept, then the wonder of the people coming into this theme park, and then the action, exploring the world, before it all goes wrong. Lovely.

It is really interesting how the movie does not just introduce the theme park concept, but also other more ethical things, like: having sex with a robot, is that still prostitution? Or: is it cheating on your wife if you have sex with a robot? It is really a movie to think about stuff, especially back then it must have been pretty scary, with the war against the mainframe and what not.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know this is a movie worth watching. Michael Crichton, one of the writers of the Jurassic Park movies, is the director of Westworld, so you can at least know a little bit what to expect. Enjoy!

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