You shouln’t yell at me

As the past few months my brain has changed a bit, and for some reason I can’t really watch something anymore while typing, I like to watch music channels. We used to have a big variety of that in The Netherlands: MTV, The Box and TMF. Now that is different. MTV will only play music during a few hours in the morning, and then there is one other channel that thank god does play music all day: Xite.

I always feel super old when I have Xite on, as it is so obviously made for the YouTube generation, but I do like it, cause they often have hip hop on it (when it is not dance music, which I dislike). And sometimes they will have this song on called Mi No Lob by this group called Broederliefde (brotherly love, I don’t make this stuff up people..). The video is super standard, with a gorgeous mansion filled with gorgeous women, some dance group somewhere and then the guys are totally living it up.

At first I really disliked the song and the video, especially as it starts with a boy and a girl in bed, and then the guy gets a phone call, gets out of bed and tries to leave to which this girl responds like: where the hell are you going, I thought we decided to stay in bed all day? And then the music starts and you hear a guy say: Unless we are in the bed, you shouldn’t yell at me. At first I saw that as something wildly offensive, but I actually like the quote a lot now. I even like the song and the over the top video (mostly for the hip hop dance group though!). It has a nice beat and I like how they all jump to make the beat look fatter.

Anyway, even though they obviously mean that whole thing about the yelling extremely offensive, as they do not seem the most loving guys in the world, I like to explain it differently. Yelling in the bed is a good thing, but no one should be yelling outside of it. There is no reason to be yelling at anyone, right? Sure, you might get worked up, but yelling never really helps, does it? And in many womens cases, it actually makes you sound crazy often times.

I had the pleasure of knowing a couple that would yell at eachother, anyplace, anywhere (and no, I was not part of this couple), and they were so unhappy. Though you might think it is good to get things off of your chest right away, it was so obvious that the frustration levels totally did not go down at all, after sharing the annoyance loudly. I think not yelling at people is a lot more friendly, and those little times when I do get really mad (really, that does not happen often), and I do yell, at least a person would know right away that I mean business.

Anyway, it is funny how you can first dislike something, and then you start to pay more attention, and now I am watching Xite waiting for the video to come up again, hihi. Not yelling at the TV for it though! 😉

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