Cafe Society got me all dreamy

Woody Allen is a filmmaker that not everybody loves. As a person he has made some interesting life choices (I still don’t know what to believe/what to think of those), but that does not matter, it’s his art that counts right? His movies are not for everybody either, as they are very strong on narrative, often about love, and almost always about cheating. Sometimes that is hard to look at, but sometimes Allen movies unfold into something beautiful.

Cafe Society definitely is one of those beautiful movies. I went to see it yesterday with my cinema girl crew and I really did not expect to be so swept away. I do not really love Jesse Eisenberg, but he did a good job. Mainly I was looking at Kristen Stewart though, she is so gorgeous, and she was wearing these amazing outfits, she looked like a dream. Which actually fitted into the movie very well, as it was 1930 Hollywood, full of soft yellow and pink filters, to make it all even more dreamy.

Though there is some pretty dreadful stuff happening in Cafe Society, it still has this theme of love that just goes on and on, and it was very lovely to be dragged onto cloud 9 by the amazing performances, the beautiful images and the fantastic dialogue. So many cliches are happening, but yet they are all true. Though my friends thought it was a bit too long (which is mainly because not all parts of the movie are in Los Angeles, so when the focus shifts to New York people expect the ending is about to come, which actually was not), I thought it was perfect.

Maybe it has to do with my main life status right now, but the story just really touched me. And again, Kristen Stewart really looks soooo lovely in this movie, anyone would fall in love with her. Plus, Hollywood in the 30’s, could there be any better theme? Really, go and watch this movie, if you are in the mood for it, cause you really have to be able to get mixed up in this love story, and feel all the feels they key characters are struggling with. 🙂

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