Bucketlist – Going on a mudflat hike

When I was a little girl, I used to run the mini Dam tot Damloop. That was a run of a few kilometers through the center of Zaandam and my mother (who is an addict when it comes to running) was superproud. When I got older I realised that running wasn’t my forte, so I decided I would be walking and doing other stuff. As there is a very sad walking version of the Dam tot Damloop, where you walk 27 kilometres, I decided to register. So now I gotta train!

I train by walking my one hour walk around my house, through beautiful fields of grass, with cows grazing, a view of wind mills, it is very Dutch. But there are also other ways in which I am training to train. I go to the gym for some crosstraining, and this weekend I went mudflat hiking (I hope that is the right translation, it sounds weird). I was supposed to go hiking with a friend/colleague, who was also registered for the Dam tot Damloop, but because of some oddities between us that can’t happen anymore. Boys…

Anyway, so I went on this mudflat hike with my mom, and it was pretty fun. First we went by bus to the boat, then we went to see some seals, then we had to go on a little boat and then we had to get out of the boat to get our feet wet. Mudflat hiking is like walking on the bottom of the sea when the tide is low, and it is pretty heavy as the sand is very watery and sometimes you are walking through water that is as high as your knees. The sand will suck your feet down, so you have to wear very tight shoes or you might lose them!

It is very nice, but pretty heavy, we only walked 6 kilometres but it took us 1.5 hours! Not just because of the intense walking, the guide would also stop to tell stuff about crabs and fish that live in the water. It was very nice, and I liked how the guy kept on talking about sperm in front of little kids, that was very funny, he was a bit farm-ish and down to earth, hihi.

Anyway, I am not yet sure if I can make that 27 kilometre walk. I think it should be fine, but I was looking forward to just talking and drinking with my friend that day, while walking, and that plan has changed now. I will just listen to my friends Beyonce, Ne-Yo, Usher and Frank Ocean (where’s the album?!) and have some chocolate with me to enjoy. That can be very healthy too, still lots of stuff to think about.

Have a nice week, you guys!

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