Update: The guy from Thailand

Hey guys! So the other day when I was talking about The guy from Thailand, I wrote to him and he actually emailed me back, which now makes me even more curious, unfortunately. I am horrible when I am curious. Though this time I am not curious in the interested love kinda way, more in the: what the heck did I say this time-kinda way. So I have told you my side of the story right, how it was such a romantic evening, even though there was no romance?

It is interesting how other people can think so different about the exact same events though, is what I have learned through his email. It was pretty cute how he put it though. He was like: “yeah, when I walked back to my hotel, I was thinking I should’ve kissed you, but I had just become a Christian so I was kinda fighting the urges.” I mean, that is something no one has ever said to me before. It is total telenovela-stuff!

By the way: I still think I was 17/18 back then, and he was totally 15 years older, but I might be wrong, but there was definitely an age difference and I was there with my parents (I mean, they were not there-there at that time thankfully, but you catch my drift right?). Anyway, I am not sure if it is funny or kinda weird he said that. I thought it was such a nice evening because there was nothing going on, even though it was romantic, but now it is different. Whever, the thing that I am most curious about, and which makes me write this special update blog about it, is that he ended his email saying: “you said something I’ll never forget and I was like a deer in headlights”.

Now let me explain something about me, that people always think is bullshit, but it is totally true: I have major memory issues. I can’t remember conversations, I cannot even remember the kinda person I was a few years ago. That is pretty scary sometimes actually, and it really does bother me, but I do not talk about it too much as it wouldn’t matter anyway. In this case though, it is very creepy, as I have absolutely no idea what I told this guy. Basically it could be anything right?

But what can a 17/18 year old tell a grown up man that is so shocking? Was it just my Dutch directness perhaps? Was it the fact that he was Christian? Chances are pretty huge I said something about religion that might have offended him, as I was really discovering back then how much I was into Buddhism. Plus, I think I was even seeing someone at home at that time, so it could not have been super shocking on other topics, you know?

Anyway, I will definitely email him back and update the post as soon as I have the answer. If it is not too shocking of course 😐

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