That first Margot Robbie scene in Suicide Squad

So as you  might have read Suicide Squad is a very bad movie. I saw its Rotten Tomatoes score before I went to see it, and it was still a let-down, so that says a lot. I truly believe the trailer was the best thing about this movie, as I wrote before, it comes with this super cool feminist song, and a lot of Margot Robbie, and that is what you want.

The movie itself felt like someone wanted to show you pictures about their life, and they dropped down on the floor and then they were scattered everywhere. It can be fun to have a very mixed and odd paced movie like that, but things just weren’t right. I really disliked the villain, I thought Harley Quinns dreams about having a family were not accurate and that whole bullshit about being friends/family was really wayyyy too much.

There was one beautiful thing about this flick though, which was the introduction scene of Harley Quinn. Margot Robbie is hanging in her cage, and then she is seducing this prison guy, but in reality she is seducing all of us, into thinking this movie is going to be worth your time. While in reality, only that scene is worth your time. She is so darn good at being sexy, it is insane. Especially as Harley Quinn, which is a pretty messed up girl, but still kinda relatable. (at least, I hope I am not the only one thinking she’s relatable…)

The rest of the flick is mainly enjoyable because of Harley Quinn, but it is just waiting for her to be onscreen again and it is simply not fun. Especially the Joker is just played very badly, and I’d like to think that is not Jared Leto’s fault, and it is also the fault of the director, but he could have toned it down a bit and be more believable.

Anyway, for now I just keep thinking back to that Margot Robbie scene where Harley Quinn is introduced. Is it worth going to this movie for? I wouldn’t say that, but it is still very nice to look at. She is so perfect…

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