Writing poetry again is awesome

When I was a little girl I used to write a lot of poetry and lyrics. I don’t really know why I did it, but I was totally into it. When I was a teen I wasn’t really writing lyrics anymore, but I did have a poetry book in which I wrote down the darkest stuff ever. It quickly goes dark or extremely in love-ish when I write poetry, I guess lots of people struggle with that, but no one reads it anyway, so that’s good.

Even though I haven’t really written any poetry in many years, I picked it up again. It really is a good way to get some stuff off my chest that I simply can’t tell anyone because it is too embarrassing, too dark or because they simply do not need to know how I really feel. I love to play around with words, though sometimes I just want to get something out of my head and then my poetry is pretty bad, but it still feels like writing stuff down made my head a little lighter, if that makes sense.

Sometimes I try very hard to make stuff rhyme, other times I mix it all up. I like that, I think both ways are poetry, but many poetry snobs think everybody should obey the rules. I disagree, even when you listen to music, often stuff does not rhyme and yet it still sounds amazing. As long as it is true and it speaks to you, it did its job right?

So before you think I am going to share my poetry on my blog, forget about it! I will not, as I need to protect myself and the people around me 😉 Plus, I do not think I am good enough to share my stuff, ever. I just wanted to let y’ all know how nice it is to be able to “speak” my mind in this way. Sometimes during the day something will pop into my mind and then I write it down to use in a poem later. It is a really cool way of getting your thoughts in order, as much as possible of course. 🙂

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