Where’s your album, Frank?

It should be pretty clear by now how much I love the music of Frank Ocean. He comes up with amazing lyrics, he has the greatest voice and he does some great collabo’s with other artists. His album Channel Orange is the best RnB album ever made, and he has a talent that should be shared. However, he seems to not agree with me.. His website has been linking to Boysdontcry for a million years now, and still there is no album.

When a guy Frank works with said the album would drop very soon, and then on the website there was this library card that said July 2016, I thought: okay, this is happening, finally, this month! But in case you haven’t noticed: it is August right now, and still no album has been dropped. I think I have googled his name over a hundred times last month, I have checked Spotify and Tidal multiple times every day, but still there is nothing there!

So apparently Frank Ocean does not obey deadlines, and he probably is a lousy library customer! The thing is though, now that it hasn’t released in July, I don’t know when it will release then. A small piece of my heart likes to think it must be August, but why not July like the library card made us think? Are you such a bad boy Frank, returning your books way too late?

The thing is, obviously you can’t be mad at the guy, he is amazing, I am sure he is hard working, I am sure he wants it to be absolutely perfect. So even though all his fans sound so angry, we are just very much longing for new music by this guy. I don’t even doubt how good his album is going to be, cause I am absolutely certain I will love it. And everybody that has ever been in love knows: it is an unstoppable process, controlling your mind, your heart, everything!

So I am pretty disappointed that it did not drop in July, but again, I have some hope Frank is just being a bad boy releasing this album just a little bit too late. Please?

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