Heart’s A Mess is my jam

At the moment there is so much stuff going on that I have different jam every day. I have had a lot of favorites over the past few weeks, such as rEaR vIeW-ZAYN, BoRdErSz-ZAYN, Sorry-Beyonce and The Resume-BJ The Chicago Kid. As I was watching The Great Gatsby again this weekend (so much love for that flick!), I was listening to the soundtrack afterwards, and I am pretty sure (unless Spotify is wrong) that My Heart’s A Mess by Gotye is part of that too. It is such a beautiful song, those instruments, that voice, the lyrics, it all comes together so well.

It is such a true song, about heartbreak, about putting up boundaries, about being in love, trying to be intimate. I really love ho wit is so sad and yet so friendly at the same time, it is beautiful. I can totally relate to having a heart being a mess at the mo, so it speaks to me. But especially the beautiful instruments, I am not even sure what kind of instruments are part of it, but it is amazing.

I used to not really like Gotye, because I thought he stole that song from Sting or whatever and then got super famous, but I must say that I am wrong. The rest of the music by Gotye is absolutely amazing. Really talented people, really beautiful lyrics, I am pretty impressed! And I must say it is nice to listen to some other music after so much RnB and hip hop. I have been listening to Limp Bizkit, Skunk Anansie and Korn a bit more the past few days too, guess I got some aggressiveness to get outta my system 😉

Or is it the disappointment of Frank Ocean not dropping his album in July as promised, that makes me feel more loving towards my good old pal hard rock again? 😉

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