Jane The Virgin is adorable

While I am also busy watching the amazing Stranger Things, sometimes I need something to watch while working (writing stuff from my couch that is!). So I often like to watch some more simple things, like Jane The Virgin. It is a pretty cutesy show about a latina girl that gets pregnant by accidentally being inseminated at the gyno. She is a virgin at that time, so that is pretty awkward. And then there is her boyfriend who she has been with for many years, that does not handle her pregnancy very well.

Jane The Virgin is so much fun because it is very easy to watch, it is pretty dramatic and it is filled with all these telenovela jokes and drama. I really like how the huuuge latino culture in the States finally gets a little bit more attention, cause usually Western type shows are totally negligent of the latino community, which is too bad, cause it has beautiful traditions. When I was in LA a few years ago, our team stayed with a few Mexicans via AirBNB, and it was so interesting to stay in a normal LA home and see how people lived.

These people were pretty north American unfortunately, but it was nice to see how the inside of a latino home looks like. It is pretty much like any other American home, though! 🙂 At least in my case. Anyway, back to Jane The Virgin. I think the actors are very cool, they aren’t famous I think (I only know Jane’s good friend from the amazing Orange is the New Black) but they do an excellent job. Even though stuff is pretty dramatic, they are still loveable characters.

I would not watch this show with my full attention, but as a little distraction during writing I really do appreciate it. It is full of jokes, fun, real problems, crazy problems and a really cool voice-over that helps a lot when things need to be explained. I think it is not a show for everyone, but if you do like it, you can enjoy over twenty episodes (!) in the first season, the second season is already out too and a third season is coming up. Good stuff while writing, yay!

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