I went to the gym and survived it

A few years ago when I was trying to lose weight, I went to a gym very close to my home (I lived in Amsterdam back then). I used to spend 3×45 minutes a week on the crosstrainer, and it would actually pay off! I did lose a few kilo’s back then, which made me very happy. Then I got very busy starting up my career as a freelance journalist, while also having a fulltime career next to that. No time to sport, a lot of stress, and a sweet tooth, and the weight was back way too swiftly.

Thankfully there is so much stuff happening in my life right now that I actually started losing weight again. This time not because I am going to the gym, but mainly because I simply do not have an appetite anymore. I already lost 6 kilos in a few weeks, which I am very excited about. I feel a lot better, and it also inspires me to make healthier choices (not all days, but most days! 😉 ) and take sports more seriously.

I registered at a gym and yesterday I went there for the first time. I absolutely hate it, all those supergorgeous people that are looking great, and I am like an ugly duckling between all those muscles and skinny female bodies. However, I try to tell myself at least I am trying, and that no one is paying attention to me anyway. Thankfully the gym has a tv with National Geographic on it, so I can watch that while listening to music, and focus on media instead of people 😉

I started crosstraining again, but I think in a few weeks I will probably take one or two lessons a week too. Zumba preferably, as that is a bit like dancing. I still dance, but currently we are on summer break so I am waiting for September to continue. But I will also still be going to the gym. In a perfect world I would do it at 7am, but I am pretty sure that will never happen, I will just go after work 😉

When I look at what my life was like a year ago: having chocolate fudge cake for breakfast, travel by train, not doing any sports, sitting on the couch all the time, I really was not taking care of myself well. Now cycle 10 kilometres to work everyday, I dance/walk/do fitness almost every day, and I eat yogurt for breakfast. I eat a lot more fruit, besides the occasional and necessary chocolate intake 😉 and I really hope I can keep this up. If my personal issues are over, my appetite might be back, but now that I cycle more, my body also wants to eat healthier so I think it should be doable to lose at least five more kilos.

So that is my new goal, which would be awesome to actually reach by the end of August. Who knows! I already look forward to my before and after pics! 😉

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