What’s the obsesh with Happy Socks people?

Socks are great. Even though it is summer in the Netherlands, I often wear socks, cause I like how they hug my feet when I am home, hi hi. People always laugh at me because I never wear the same socks, only when they are new and still tied together. I just think it is such a waste of time to be looking for two of the same socks in your pile of clean clothes. And I think it is way more fun to wear two different socks. Especially as you do not really see them often, it does not matter if you wear the same ones, right?

If you are American, you will probably think: hey, you must love LittleMissMatched then. Yes I do. Anytime I am in the States I try to visit a store to get some crazy mismatched socks that cost way too much. They have fun socks, not just boring ones with colorful stripes that people think are already so fun.. There are also people that think I like Happy Socks, which is a brand that has been everywhere since a few years. I am not even sure if they really sell well, or if they really are popular, it is a bit of a Bjorn Borg story I guess: all of a sudden they are everywhere, and then you think that means they must be popular and good, and then you buy something too.

Happy Socks to me are pretty boring. They do not have fun enough patterns if you ask me. Sure, some of them are quite cute, like the punk ones they have right now, but often it is just colorful stripes, polkadots or other little things. If you buy “expensive” socks like that, at least get a supercool design out of it. I also highly doubt the quality of the socks is that much greater than the quality of the socks or our good old Dutch company Hema. Not that Hema has so many cool designs, but they do have some and they are way less expensive than Happy Socks.

I mean, it’s not like I highly dislike Happy Socks, they are still adorable and their website looks superhipster and nice, but I just don’t get why everybody is acting like this is the only sock company in the world. Plus, they do not even offer their socks per one, you always have to buy two the same! 😉

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