Tidal, I miss you

As the Beyonce concert was coming up and I really wanted to listen to the album (and view it!) very well beforehand, a few months ago I got a subscription to Tidal. Tidal is the more hip hop and RnB focused version of Spotify, and it is a company founded by Jay Z. Not that there is just rap and sexy music on there, but you get it, right? If you don’t, try the service for a while, cause it is totally worth it.

The thing I am struggling with right now, is that my subscription ended and I still want to listen to Beyonce’s Lemonade and Dr. Dre’s Compton, but both are not available anywhere but on Tidal. As my mobile phone sub comes with a complimentary subscription to Spotify, I kinda need to listen to that service, right? But Tidal has been gone for less than 36 hours and it is already driving me crazy, not being able to listen to those fine beats.

Plus, I am afraid of missing out on when the Frank Ocean album will be live. What if he drops it on Tidal?! The question of course is: will he still release it in July, as it already is July 24th… But I have a very interesting bet on this album, so I would really like it to come out in July, the 29th for example! 😉

When it drops, it will be all over the internet (the news that it dropped), so I can get my Tidal subscription renewed right at that moment, but still I feel like it should be something I’d discover by myself hihi. Plus, I really like Tidal more than Spotify. Even though my phone keeps on having issues with it, I prefer Tidal cause it is more RnB/Hip Hop-y, as I am in a phase where I listen mostly to that music instead of guitar stuff.

So here I am, thinking about my Tidal subscription, should I, or shouldn’t I get it renewed? I probably will though..

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