The Danish Girl swept me off my feet

Tom Hooper is an amazing man. He made extremely great movies like The King’s Speech and Les Miserables (which was not perfect, but it was still a great musical turnt movie). His best work though, must be The Danish Girl. I have just finished watching the movie for the first time and I fell in love with it instantly. The distinct and yet introvert way in which Eddie Redmayne carries himself is extraordinary.

But there is so much more than his excellent performance. Alicia Vikander for example, does an amazing job too. I love the woman she plays: Gerda is a strong, open-minded woman and an amazing artist. She goes through so much in the story, and still their love always survives.

I am a person that is swept away by love stories very easily, but a love story like this one I have never really seen in any movie. Even through the rough times, you could feel their love, and I think their relationship, especially as it is portrayed in the beginning, is something anybody would aim for in love I think.

The movie is great thanks to a lot more than just an excellent story and good actors though, Hooper went for stunning locations, and the dialogue is so spot on, all the time. Gerda is so good at expressing how she feels, and especially a quote by her in the beginning of the movie is a truth that plays such a big role in this flick, which unfortunately I can’t find anywhere online, so apparently I was the only one that learned stuff from this quote.

But she is painting this portrait of a man, and then she says something about how men used to women looking at them. What she says is so true and so beautiful, I love it. And there are so much more quotes in this movie that are just so right, or so true, or so cute, or so romantic.

Hooper and his cast really did a great job at making a beautiful story about something that has so much to do with mourning, trouble and feelings of betrayal even. The Danish Girl looks at the pieces that are love, the pieces that are real, and that is genius.

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