Such an exciting day at work yesterday

As if my weekend was not stressful enough, yesterday I had a very exciting day at work. Our company has merged with another company, making it one big organisation with hundreds of thousands of employees. It really is a big thing in the history of my company, so I was pretty excited to be there for it. Even though it was a risk to take the job a few months ago, as the merger was still in the works back then and people had to apply for their jobs again, I am happy I took the risk and that I could be here for this day and this new era.

I have had so much fun yesterday! When employees came in, they received a Moleskine notebook with the new logo on it, which is awesome, cause I have a thing for notebooks. I don’t know why, I have way too many, and I hardly ever write in one anymore, but I just love them. Clean slate, I guess.. Anyway, then we received a chocolate, and a cappuccino with the new logo on it in cocoa powder. Then when we went upstairs there were mini cupcakes and apples with the new logo on them, and then we had a lunch to celebrate all the different countries that our company is doing business, so I had a nice tzatziki wrap, lovely.

I was even a bit nervous about the day, because I did not really know what to expect, and I was not sure how much work it would be for me, as people had a lot of questions. But eventually it was not that bad, and I could enjoy the day and the many detail our communications colleagues put into it. Today is probably going to be another normal day at the office, though we do have a nice moment of coffee and cake, with our own team, which is nice.

The fusion of the companies is a very cool thing. Though it comes with some losses, it also comes with a lot of new colleagues and cultures which is always thrilling. I am a bit sad everything will turn back to normal again, cause there was so much excitement yesterday! 🙂

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